Wine and Gastronomy


The people of Kiskunhalas know how to take good care of their own stomachs and those of their guests, too. There are many quality restaurants here, which await diners with Hungarian and Great Plain specialities. We can also find dishes from Transdanubia and our neighbouring countries as well as some real surprises in one or two places! The speciality dish of Kiskunhalas is Sour Liver, which the locals prepare during the winter pig killing. While it is not a regular feature on the restaurants’ menus it can still be made to order. Some menus appear in more than one language, and some have pictures to help you choose. Many waiters and waitresses understand both German and Serbian.

A portion of the restaurants to eat in:

Csipke Hotel Restaurant

Alongside more general meals, vegetarian and fish dishes are available at reasonable prices. The speciality of the house is the Halas Mixed Grill Platter. From the Hungarian specialities the ‘Dorozma Pocket-knife Roast’ and the ‘Bugac Laci Roast’ are both favourites. The conference rooms of the Lace House can also be booked for special events and buffets.

Sóstó Inn

Opposite the Sóstó lake we can find a motel and an inn, which is a historic building. Pleasant evenings can be spent on the tree-enclosed terrace, gazing onto the lake and being entertained by Gypsy music. Vegetarian dishes, fish and game all stand out from the inn’s menu, which is rich in other tastes, too. Different varieties of pike-perch and sturgeon from Lake Balaton can be ordered, but we can also eat our fill of Wild Boar Stew. The inn is renowned for its Steak Tartare. There is also an enclosed summer house large enough for wedding receptions and other functions.

Matéza Bar and Restaurant

Draught beer, Hungarian and Bavarian specialities and vegetarian dishes can all be enjoyed in this Bavarian-style restaurant, which is part of the Town Hall’s buildings, or on the outside terrace.

Tölgyfa Restaurant

The ‘Oak Tree’ is next to the swimming pool and can be entered from both the bathing area and the street. Its dishes can be viewed on the homepage. As well as traditional meals using Hungarian spices, low-fat and low-calorie food can also be ordered (the calorie content is even written on the menu). National specialities include dishes from Serbia, Slovakia, China, France, Mexico and Bavaria. The restaurant has an atmospheric smaller room, an inner courtyard and a larger room for special functions.

Sárfi Wine Cellar

If you travel on the road to Kecel and turn left opposite the brick factory into Gubodi út then bump along the sandy track for a few hundred metres, you will come upon the Sárfi Wine Cellar. Its tripe is served in phenomenal quantities, beaten only in size by the girth of the landlord.

Ben Joe Bar

This atmospheric Wild West pub can be found opposite the railway station. Chilli beans and beer are the most wanted, shoot outs are strictly on the games machines.

Halasi Inn

We can find this inn with its traditional atmosphere and Hungarian dishes opposite the bus station.

Kötönyi Inn

This is an atmospheric restaurant specialising in tripe. There is live music at the weekends. Homeward bound workers from the nearby industrial estate favour the neighbouring pub.

Tiszti Club Restaurant

This restaurant’s dishes can be viewed on the homepage. A daily fixed meal can also be ordered at a reasonable price.


Something to drink

The grapes of Halas, which is part of the Cumanian wine region, are rich in light, refreshing fruitiness. They are grown on sandy soil, which reflects the heat of the very high number of hours of sunshine this area receives. Taking advantage of the favourable climate and modern technology, producers not only make classic wines of the Great Plain and ‘quiet everyday wines’, but also use the excellent fruit for carbonated drinks, champagnes and sparkling wines.

The wine-grape varieties of this region are Kékfrankos, Green Veltelini, Italian Riesling, Rhenish Riesling, Ottonel Muscatel and Zweigelt. The most important part of processing the blue grapes is their fermentation in their skins, which lasts until the required taste, colour, bouquet and body is reached. The harmonious velvet acidity of the red wines is perfected by maturation in wooden casks. As a result of strict processing and reductive technology, the white grape varieties produce light and elegant wines with full bouquets.

The works of Halasi Borászati Kft., one of the local wine producers, can be found on the road to Kiskunmajsa, after the flyover leading from road number 53. The company has up-to-date facilities for storing its wines, raised wooden maturation casks and the latest bottling technology for its products made from grapes grown in the Halas region. The Kiskunhalas Kékfrankos 2001 won gold at both the wine competition of the Great Plain and that of Cumania, held in 2002. If arranged in advance, groups can visit the factory.

Bacchus Drink Kft. is based on the Kiskunhalas Industrial Estate. As well as wine production, the company continues the traditions of champagne and liqueur manufacture first started by the former state farm. Its products bearing an illustration of Saint Stephen in his royal regalia and the family of Bacchus champagnes are well known throughout the country. Other specialities include the range of Casanova egg liqueurs and Cleo cream liqueurs.

The cellar of Veltelini Kft. can be found in the south of the village of Balotaszállás, 18 km from Kiskunhalas. Next to the winery there is a thatched area where visitors can indulge in a little wine tasting.

Special local and Hungarian products
The Arany Kapu Rt. company of nearby Kunfehértó processes the by-products of winemaking such as marc and lees, as well as fruit. After the careful selection of materials, the distillates are bottled in the factory, sometimes after long years of maturation. On the half-litre bottles of the seven products which make up the ‘Halas Brandy’ family we can see illustrations of Halas Lace. From these brandies, two have been declared ‘Hungaricums’, that is, specially recognised typically Hungarian products:


Halas Pear Brandy: This real ‘pálinka’ (Hungarian fruit brandy) is distilled using centuries-old technology from carefully selected, golden ‘Kiffer’ pears grown in the sunny lands of the Hungarian Plain. The unmistakable, spicy fragrance and flavour recall the image of the fresh ripe fruit. The ‘Kiffer’ pear has been grown in the orchards around Kiskunhalas since 1903 and now its special flavour is offered bottled for the table. Halas Cherry Brandy: This genuine ‘pálinka’ preserves the atmosphere of early summer with its discreet flavour of cherries, which are distilled in a traditional way. The harmony of the fragrance and flavour of this drink gives an unforgettable experience. This product is the only real cherry ‘pálinka’ exclusively made from fruit. As well as the brandies on offer, some other speciality drinks include:

Green Walnut Liqueur: This special Hungarian drink is made according to our grandmothers’ centuries-old recipe from the fruits of the shady walnut-trees on lowland farms. It is unique in the market of Hungarian drinks as it has no artificial aromas added to it, the drink’s flavour and fragrance being provided exclusively by genuine fresh walnuts and spices.


There are more than half a dozen confectioners and cafés in Kiskunhalas. Among them are Éliás Cukrászda in Székely utca, famous for its cakes and ice-cream and Muskátlis Cukrászda, which is near the railway station.

Lovers of Italian cuisine can satisfy their appetites at the Pizzeria or the Pista Pizza takeaway, which is opposite the bus station. The Congó entertainment centre is famed for its lasagne. Around the marketplace we can find takeaways selling doughnuts, fried dough, fried sausages and Mexican food, and of course there is always plenty of fruit to choose from!


Addresses of the Restaurants

Csipke Hotel Restaurant Semmelweis tér 16. 06/77/421-455
Halasi Inn Május 1. tér 5. 06/77/422-825
Kötönyi Inn Kötönyi út 2. 06/77/424-238
Malom Inn Malomsor 4. 06/77/421-650
Matéza Bar and Restaurant Bethlen Gábor tér 1. 06/77/423-026
Pizzeria Köztársaság u. 5. 06/77/421-171
Sárfi Wine Cellar Gubodi út 06/30/21-98650
Sóstó Inn Sóstó üdülőtelep 06/77/521-402
Tölgyfa Restaurant Nagy Szeder I. u. 1. 06/70/555-3550