Nowy Sacz


Country: Poland
Post Code: 33-300
Population: 82,000
Inception of Twinning: 22nd October 1994
Distance from Kiskunhalas: 600 km

Urzad Miasta Nowego Sacza
1 Rynek
Nowy Sącz 33-300
Telephone: 0048/18-444-2750
Fax: 0048/18-443-7863
Web Site:


Nowy Sącz is situated in the heart of the Sadecka valley at the meeting of the Kamienica and Dunajec rivers. It lies among the Beskid Sadeczki mountain ranges, in the Carpathians.

Thanks to its location, the town has played a significant role during various periods of history. It was one of the most important centres of 14th century Poland, while in the 16th and 17th centuries it was the home of the arts and crafts industry. The Nowy Sącz market, which dates back to the 1300s, was, after that of Cracow, the nation’s largest during the Middle Ages.

Today the role of manufacturing in Nowy Sącz has declined. There are still processing plants for agricultural products, however, and an industrial infrastructure which supports coal mining and the production of railway engines. There are also computer hardware factories, foundries and businesses dealing with wood. The local crafts industry is noteworthy and the woodworking industry has also flourished in recent years.





The town can be considered as the cultural centre of its region. Many libraries, cultural centres and galleries, as well as an open-air museum, can be taken advantage of.

The countryside surrounding Nowy Sącz is rich in spas and bathing spots. The harmonious buildings of the Old Town, as well as the parks, which embrace the mountain rivers, are revisited year after year by holidaymakers.

The partnership between Nowy Sącz and Kiskunhalas is at its liveliest in the relationships among young people and the artistic communities. A truly meaningful connection is kept up between the Hungarian Felsővárosi and Fazekas Gábor Utcai primary schools and the Polish Karel Szymanowski school. Pupils love the camps which are organized in both countries, and junior football competitions are also regularly arranged.




The two towns’ international folk festivals also provide opportunities for cultural exchange, with the Sadeczanie Folk Group visiting the Kiskunhalas Harvest Festival and the Children of the Mountains Festival in Nowy Sącz hosting the Halas Dance Ensemble. In recent years the series of events dubbed ‘Nowy Sącz Presents…’ and ‘Kiskunhalas Presents…’ have become outstandingly important. At these times the Polish and Hungarian locals have been able to make direct acquaintance with the culture of their twin town.