Country: Germany
Post Code: D-96317
Population: 18,300
Inception of Twinning: 22nd October 1994
Distance from Kiskunhalas: 1000 km

Stadt Kronach
5 Marktplatz
Kronach D-96317
Telephone: 0049/9261-97204
Fax: 0049/9261-97289
Web Site:


Kronach lies at the meeting of three rivers, the Haßlach, the Kronach and the Rodach, in the beautiful countryside of Northern Bavaria. Kronach has always been the centre of the Frankenwald region; now it is being rejuvenated, and it is a treasure trove for visitors. The picturesque town delights all who experience it, with its Late Medieval atmosphere, its historical town centre and its fortress, which was never once captured – in fact the stories of the town and of the Rosenberg fortress are inseparable. Alongside the history and traditions, a lively modern town can be found. There is something for everyone among Kronach’s sports, recreational, arts and cultural facilities, as well as during its local celebrations and special events.

The town’s traditional small workshops and its manufacturing enterprises and services, which indicate the future, sit comfortably side by side. The electronics, plastic, machine, clothing and woodworking industries are all significant in Kronach.

Culture and the arts – these words are highlighted in the life of Kronach as if they were red-letter days on a calendar. The town’s exhibitions and concerts, the Faust Festival and, naturally, the Summer Arts Academy are as well known beyond local boundaries as the carnivals and celebrations of the various districts. Especially well attended are the annual Historical Town Celebration, the Marksman’s Festival, the celebration of the Old Town and the Advent Fair.


The wide-ranging activities of the partnership between Kronach and Kiskunhalas have been twice recognised by the Council of Europe. In 1999 both towns were awarded a European Diploma; in 2001 both received the Council of Europe’s Flag of Honour.


The student exchanges which are organized are not only extremely valuable in themselves, but they have also helped to bring the two towns closer together. There are continuously developing relationships between Lorenz-Kaim-Schule and Garbai Sándor secondary vocational school, between Gottfried-Neukam-Schule and Felsővárosi primary school, and between Frankenwald Gymnasium and Bibó István secondary grammar school.

Delegations from the twin towns have taken part in the other’s celebratory events for years now. Students of the Kiskunhalas craft school and hussars from the town’s mounted escort visit the Kronach Historical Town Celebration. Several arts groups from Kronach come to Hungary for the Kiskunhalas Harvest Festival, while the Bürgerwehr knights ride on the Kiskunhalas Town Day. Art exhibitions from the twin town are frequently arranged in both localities, and artists from Kiskunhalas have been awarded both the triennial Lucas Kronach Prize and a residence at the Kronach Summer Arts Academy.

One final point of interest occurred in 2000 when the local council of Kronach donated a much-needed ambulance to the Lazarus Voluntary Service of Kanjiža, Serbia. This would never have happened except for one common link both communities shared – being a twin town of Kiskunhalas.