Calendar of Events



Regular Events in Kiskunhalas


29/4 - 3/5/04

Town Day

Mayor’s Office  T.: 77/523-155
Piroska Mikó All over town

30/4 - 9/5/04

5th International Lace Exhibition and Finnish Lace Exhibition

Lace House, Kossuth u. 37/a  T.: 77/421-737 Zsuzsa Kiliti manager

29/4 - 3/5/04

34th Kiskunhalas International Showjumping Competition

Mayor’s Office T.: 77/523-155 Piroska Mikó
Showjumping ground

April 04

37th Bibó Cup International Handball Invitation Competition

Bibó István Gimnázium, Szász K. u. 21.
Tel.: 422-760 

May 04

7th Sándor Nagy Kálózi”
International Athletics Competition

Ganz-Air Athletics Club – Municipal Sports Ground, Kertész u. 28/A 
T.: 77/421-382 E-mail:
An athletics competition with a great past. The town’s largest junior athletics event.

24 - 26/06/04

11th András Kántor Veteran Drivers and Motor Cyclists Memorial Competition

András Kántor Veteran Drivers and Motor Cyclists Association, Ferenc Fejes president, 77/422-625
A 120-km circuit of Halas and its neighbouring towns and villages. An exhibition in Bethlen Gábor tér, Kiskunhalas.

03 – 05/09/04

25th International Harvest Festival;
‘20th Century Laces in Hungary’ Exhibition and Conference

Hungarian Centre for Laces – Mayor’s Office T.:77/523-155 Fax: 77/423-612 Piroska Mikó
E-mail:  Lace House
Parade (horses, carriages, fancy dress, dancers) craft fair, art groups, majorettes, twin-town exhibitions – all over town.

8/8 - 25/9/04

12th ‘Halas Weeks’ Festival

Halas Weeks Foundation, János Rémán president
Tel: 77/420-032  E-mail:

Fishing camp and international angling championship at Sóstó. ‘Ördöngős’ folk music camp. Football championship. Celebration programme for August 20th. Pikó Cup women’s handball competition. Rooster-cooking contest. Agricultural exhibition. Esoteric weekend. Martial arts seminar. Bee keepers’ day. Environmental protection day. Concerts. ‘First Song’ evening, the Lyra group puts the words of local poets to music. Auto exhibition, etc. All over town.

August 04

19th Triathlon Competition

‘Green Sport Club’, Iván Kovács president
T.: 06/30/249-0977

At the swimming baths and around the town.

15 - 24/10/04

29th ‘Astronomy Days’

II. Rákóczi school, Railway Workers Cultural Centre and the Observatory, Kossuth u. 42. István Balogh astronomer T: 77/423-355

A series of lectures popularizing astronomy’s latest discoveries. Every year the best-known Hungarian scientists present different subjects. After the lectures there are demonstrations in the observatory.

6 - 7/12/04

29th Péter Tulit International Gymnastics Memorial Competition

Kiskunhalas Gymnastics Club, Gyula Paczolay
T: 77/426-420
Bibó István Gimnázium. An international gymnastics memorial competition with a great past. Competitors come from as far away as India as well as from more than ten other countries.